Fraternal Group of Notre Dame de Joie (Our Lady of Joy)

The Fraternal Group of Notre Dame de Joie, established by R.P. Cadoré O.P. in 2006, is made up of those faithful who are associated with the Dominican Order through the Institute of the Dominicaines du Saint-Esprit. They thereby benefit from the charism and the influence of the Dominicaines.

The thirteenth century experienced a great moral and spiritual crisis. Saint Dominic did not despair of the times in which he lived, but he made a vow to try and impart to them the spirit of Christ. With this in mind, he created the Order of Preachers, a group of lay people who associated themselves with his Order to help him, but without displaying any special exterior signs of association – in order to be “the yeast in the dough”, with a wish to live their faith more intensely, according to the charism and spirit of Saint Dominic: “to speak to God and of God.” The Dominican life is, essentially, a life of union with God which radiates outwards in their mission.

Lay Dominicans are called to impart the presence of Christ and the divine message of salvation in their own particular circumstances and daily lives.

The members of the Fraternal Group of Notre Dame de Joie follow a rule of life based on the fundamental Constitution of Montreal.